DIA Membership

Membership Information

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Digital Imaging Association, please read the following information carefully and fill out the application form to be considered for membership.

DIA Membership Application Form

Are you looking for a dependable way to stay current with the industry – and provide an efficient, cost-effective way for you staff to do that as well? The Digital Imaging Association (DIA) has the answer.

We achieve this by asking experts in various fields to address topics of interest to the membership. In many cases, companies like yours have requested specific subjects we address with our presentations.

As a DIA member there is no charge for you to attend these informative sessions. And, you can send as many of your employees as you deem appropriate to each meeting. The only exception is our Annual Owners’ Luncheon, and the Golf Tournament, which are chargeable events, and an excellent opportunity to bring your customers to a social event.

There are 6 informational sessions throughout the year – starting at noon, with refreshments, a buffet light lunch, and a networking opportunity. It’s a great way to talk casually with your peers in the industry, vendors and suppliers – and with the session presenter. Each presentation then commences at 12:30 p.m., ending promptly at 2:00 p.m.

During Covid, keeping our members and guests safe is critical to the DIA, and in-person informational sessions have been replaced with 1 hour Webinars running from 12:30pm (ET) to 1:30 pm (ET)

We have restructured our Membership Fees to reflect current demographics of the Industry:

Individual Membership $100/year
Companies 2 – 10 staff $200/year
Companies 11 – 25 staff $450/year
Companies 26+ staff $850/year

We make membership easy. You can be billed quarterly or annually – whichever best fits your budget planning. We would be pleased to welcome you as a member of the Digital Imaging Association so we can continually demonstrate the value of membership.